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Where In Mexico Is Perfect For A Romantic Getaway

Where In Mexico Is Perfect For A Romantic Getaway

Looking for that perfect romantic getaway for your anniversary, honeymoon, recommitment ceremony, or just because? Many mortals, when asked where they would go for a romantic getaway think of places like Paris, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Jamaica or some colorful Caribbean Island, but you may be surprised at the beautiful and diverse locations for romance that Mexico can offer.

The country of Mexico can offer some of the most variety in locales. You could romance in any of their tropical beach locales to enjoy the passions that sun, sand and surf elicits. Or, you may conscientious fall in love with the idea of experiencing an exciting and thrilling adventure in one of its historic Mayan rainforests. And just to round it out, Mexico can also offer peaceful brobdingnagian respites to ensure unlimited time to explore nature and one another.

If you are a couple looking for a heavier relaxing retreat from the work - a - day world, consider running away to beautiful Mazatlan on the pacific coast. While this friendly city embraces tourism and has many fine resorts, restaurants, and activities available, Mazatlan could survive without it, which means the area has less " hype " and allows you to enjoy the city without feeling the impediment that being a bottom dog sometimes creates. In reality, there are many successful industries based here, such as a large asking fishing fleet and the local brewery, which produces Pacifico Beer. All of this translates to a more laid back atmosphere and a quieter tourist scene. The food here, especially the seafood is excellent stifle many restaurants located right on the beach. Perfect for watching sunsets with the apart you love.

If you are looking for more " action " on your romantic getaway, Cabo San Lucas is well known as a party town and can provide nonstop excitement. Located at the tip of the Baja peninsula, Cabo is Sammy Hagar's adopted home and boasts Sammy's own club, Cabo Wabo. There are many other places to sample libations and dance the night away, but don't worry, there are also many quiet, romantic spots to dine at while watching the glorious sunset. Daytime activities, such as horseback trip and snorkeling, can also be a great time for just the two of you to enjoy together.

Maybe your thought of a perfect romantic getaway is being pampered and catered to in a luxurious hotel suite. There are all sorts of top - of - the - line resorts throughout Mexico and many will have packages that are meant to dazzle you with opulence and decadent service. Sleeping in a king - sized bed with views of the ocean from your balcony might set your heart aflutter. Enjoying a bubble bath with each other in your in - room Jacuzzi tub while eating strawberries might seem like a dream come true. Ordering room service and sipping champagne while the sun sets could be the perfect end to a perfect day. In this scenario, where you are in Mexico doesn't really matter as much as which resort can supply this aspiration of being pampered.

Because of the diversity of romantic getaways that the country of Mexico can offer, you may have trouble deciding just what type of romantic adventure to have. That's what is wonderful about going to Mexico. You can have as much fun planning your romantic getaway to Mexico as you do enjoying it. Just make sure that wherever you go you pamper yourselves and each other.


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